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Udruženje ljubitelja automobila ZASTAVA 101 / Association of ZASTAVA 101 fans

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The sacs house

suzuki gsxr from 1985 to 2000 from sacs to srad gsxr 1100 gsxr 750 swap tuning tips and tricks

sacs, house, suzuki, gsxr, cooled, 1985-1992, srad, #1100, aria, olio, water, swap, tuning, fornt, rear, cooler, match

UST High School 1988 Network FORUM

Batch 1988 Alumni of the UST High School: Reconnect, discuss interests, share useful updates & information, buy/sell stuff, be a friend/helping hand. 24 sections, 1100+ batchmates, around the world

usths, 1988, usthigh88, high, school, batch, usths1988, usthsbatch1988, usths88, network, forum

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What would be the max prop size for; Inrunner,1100Kv max amp 18,Battery 3s 2250 mamh x20c ESC 30 amp max Running a 8x4.5 folding could I use a 11" folding ? is there some equation for working out the prop size?

Honda 1100....

Just saying I have heard the rumor.

New Hoss 1100 4x4 and Boss 500 4x4

The Hoss 1100 4x4 buggy on the right and next to it, its little brother The Boss 500 4x4 buggy The Hoss 1100 is on the left in the pic below.

Suspension upgrade

Putting together a suspension package for the Hoss 1100 4x4 buggy.[img][/img]

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