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Do you have problem in. . . . . . registering your new imported vehicle? . . . registering your assembled vehicle? . . . renewal of your car registration? TRY US TO HELP YOU SOLVE THIS?

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The Anti-Registration Act

A place to discuss comics and other aspects of life.

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Free Registration On Box Nation Offer

Apparently Frank is throwing out a bone to those signing up before the weekend. Registration is normally £10.It's on their Facebook page I read. I don't have a Facebook page myself so not in a position to check it out.There are a couple of

Registration help

Hi All, I'm a new member . About a mounth ago i purchased a barn find condition 1956 falcon 74 , it looks about 90ish% all there . After a bit of tinkering i got it to start and run to a fashion but did find the clutch soild so couldnt engage any gears,

Collector car plates / registration

I'm in Washington state. Here, if your car is 30 years old, you can get Collector plates for $51.75.They are good for the life of the vehicle, no more renewals.However, they say you can't use the car "for regular transportation in the manner of a

Registration Rules

Welcome to the World of Blackout Rugby !In order to register on the Irish Off-site, you must firstly satisfy these conditions :-1) You're the manager of an Irish Team in Blackout Rugby.That's it !!If this simple condition is met, then

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