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Model registration

Hi Folks Took all the required forms to the DVLA in Edinburgh last week. Back over to the office today with the Foden as they had to witness the fact that I had stamped a VIN on the chassis. They suggested that I used the boiler number and then they

Duelist Kingdom Tournament Registration!

This is the registration page for The first ever Duelist Kingdom Tournament. Rules are as follows below. Both players start off with 2000lp. You can summon monsters in face up defense mode or set them. Burn cards are not allowed. Exodia is not

DVLA Registration.

Please don't comment to keep it tidy. Forms needed V55/4 V627/1 Get the forms Here DVLA Only boxes completed are listed. All others were left blank. (IGNORE THE NUMBER AS THE FIELDS ON THE FORM HAVE DIFFERENT NUMBERS NOW) 2 Tax class:

Registration plates

Hi All Just ideally thinking. What stage in building could we feasibly start the process of getting registration plates? Does DVLA need a full road insurance hence steam test or as the build form shows. Boiler serial number.

DVLA registration

Anyone on here know how the DVLA work out what date the registration plates will be the reason I ask is i started my build in 2009 and the boiler is dated 2010 but it won't be complete the back end of this year. So what registration date will they

New Duelist ID Registration

From Head of Konami (Asia), There is a new Duelist ID which will be used for future upcoming tournaments. The old Duelist ID will no longer be used. Go to http://www.konami-asia.com/th/yugi5d/promotion/5d_duelist_id.html Instructions: 1) Click

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