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FantageForum.com domain

Hello everybody, as some of you have found your way to fantageforum.forumotion.com, you may have noticed the fantageforum.com domain has expired. We are trying to get this back.Sorry for the inconvenience,Cyrus and the FF staff.


]=ATS=[The history of SoL starts many years earlier, when the clan ATS was founded. It stands for Alianza Total Star Wars. Many people from different clans formed that clan, believing in fair play and respect. ATS has many founders, so there are many

Tutorials - How to add multiple ranks Forumotion

STEP: 1 Go into your Administration Panel => Users & Groups => Rank --> Rank AdministrationCode:<span class="adm">Administrator</span>As you can see on the above code has a class "adm" witch we will use that for the second rank

XPLR - Ranger's Tarmac Terrors!!

It's been a long time debate, which is quicker, Evo or Scooby??Well our next comp aims to finally answer that question!http://xboxproleagueracing.forumotion.co.uk/c12-the-xplr-open-season-1

For New Members of -NoRulz-

Please, only AFTER you are accepted into the guild do you register on this site.What We Expect From New -NoRulz- MembersWe expect -NoRulz- members to be courteous and share activities with other members.We are not a leveling-style guild. I

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