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Where is the OBD port on a 95 riv???

I have been told that the 95 riv is a OBD 1.5.....whats that mean? Can I use a OBDII scanner? Where is the port? Will that paperclip trick from the OBD1's work?

Offy port o sonic 460 intake in good shape un ported trade for parts or sell

need arp head studs arp main studs oil pan for bbf in foxbody or cash offers

Too good to be true...but was. Tunnel Port FE.

I had a call today from a (Chevy) racer buddy of mine in Florida. HE was helping someone dissasemble a good used engine that he had just purchased for $500.He was asking me about the round intake ports and the pushrod running through a tube in the port.

Port forwarding on an Infinitum modem?

I have a Technicolor TG582n Telmex modem and I would like to be able to remotely access an IP security camera in my house. I can get in the modem's admin page but I don't see a specific port forwarding option. I need to open up a port on the modem for th

Need some advise on a Port O Sonic single plane intake . Pros & Cons !

I have a chance to make a trade for a very nice Post O Sonic single plane intake for my 429 . I have never used these intakes and don't know much about them .So I am asking for the pros & cons of this intake and are they any good to use ? I have a

Forwarding local phone land lines.

Does anyone know how to forward a local 766 # phone to another 766 # or to a local cell phone? I used to do this NOB all the time. I'm expecting a very important call from Publisher"s Clearing house. I also need to know how to cancel call

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