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Core Tech

its a engeenears forum of all about to develop and perform actions of mobiles, and all of the electronics....

#core, #tech, #engeenears, #forum, #about, #develop, #perform, #actions, #mobiles, #electronics

Konjou Musha

Konjou Musha is a japanese fantasy forum RPG where players can take on the role of a Samurai or Ninja and perform quests and battles with other players.

#konjou, #musha, #japanese, #fantasy, #where, #players, #take, #role, #samurai, #ninja, #perform, #quests, #battles, #with, #other

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How to model Facts with Conformed Dims on different grain level in BO XI universe

Hi, I have got two facts that share one dimension on different levels. I searched different forums, but could not find an answer so far. Sample: Conformed Dim: D_DATE on daily grain with (unique) DAY_ID and (multiple)

Can we perform drag-and-drop' from local folder to a particular xpath in web page using Selenium Webdriver?

Is it possible to perform drag an element(.mov) file from the windows local folder and drop it on the some a particular Xpath! If its possible can you plz share me the code? Or is there any alternatives?

Selenium test workflows, what about my way to develop and perform test?

Hello everybody. I am Davide i would love congratulate with you about this usefull forum I am a tester of webapps, normaly i test with QTP but i don t like it that much i am really interested starting with selenium but i am not too good in


I've been reading some on the subject of lentation and tineko. For those of you who don't know what it is, it's essentially slowing down everything around you by increasing your rate of perception by controlling adrenalin rushes. Think Spidey Sense. To me

How to perform "Ok\Cancel" button of a zip file message box that opens from a website in Selenium IDE ?

Hi Friends, I just wanna perform either "ok\cancel" button of a zip file message box that opens from a website while recording it .. The html scripts have not been generated for the same in the selenium ide table window. Do i need to write script

How to Do Keyboard operations in selenium

Hi All, I am having one webedit box i need to enter 3 values in it . Here the prblm is after entering 3 letters i will get a dropdown ... here i need to do mouse down and enter how to do it in selenium rc Please help me Thanks, Silpa.K

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