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Mud People

Banned? Misunderstood? Dekker fan? This is the place.

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Poms - cheating scum or misunderstood geniuses?

Ok, so team GB pick up a win in the track cycling, then one of them (Hindes) reveals that they had a poor start so he deliberately crashed so the race would be restarted. Is this cheating? Should they be disqualified? How does this compare to the


I thought this link is quite interesting to share.

Nick Diaz good guy or bad guy?

Watched the first episode of Primetime Condit v Diaz on youtube and found it interesting how they've portrayed Diaz. They talked a lot about his childhood and high school years and how he found himself in trouble a lot for getting into fights. He said he

Wow, a haven for the underrated misunderstood MOTORCYCLE !

Hi, This is my 3rd Silverwing. Its a 2002 (junker) I bought. Needs almost all the plastics, but mostly I would like a new fairing and a rear wheel. I rode down a flat and although the rim did not look that bad, I am now losing air. Dana. Orlando,

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