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Metin2 MidNight 2013 International Server

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GravInert™ Research Trust

Gravity, Centrifugal force & Inertia combined = OU

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Zero Gravity Double Bubble - From AMC

Hi AllI order a Zero Gravity Double Bubble screen from AMC. I ordered and paid for it on the 19th of December 2011. I still haven't got it. I have followed up with the company a couple of times and have attached the emails exchanged below.I think

Zero Gravity DB Screen

Just recieved and fitted my new Zero Gravity, double bubble, dark smoke tint screen. Ordered it yesterday morning over the phone, ( Australian Motorcycle Components ) and it arrived today. Pretty happy with that. The fit and finish is very good, 95/100.

Swing - Gravity, momentum or strength?

Hi guys,recently think I sorta pulled the back muscle near my left shoulder blade, not sure why, maybe cause I used too much strength in my swing to hit the golf ball.While thinking of how to prevent this from happening again and to have some ligh

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