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Free forum : A site 4 Kcvds duelists to gather. KCVDS Zone

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Darktour: Tournaments

Free forum : A KCVDS Tournament forum. Darktour: Tournaments

#free, #darktour:, #tournaments

Duel Academy

This is Duel Academy. Here we tolk about yugioh, Duel in KCVDS and have tornements.

#duel, #academy

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kcvds on mobile?

Can kcvds work on a mobile ? i have a nokia c3 and sometimes i get ored at school so can it be done ? I know i need flash player 10 but is there a mobile version?

Warrior Deck (KCVDS)

Screen Shot of Deck: Spoiler: Deck List(45): Monsters(25): Level 4 and Down: Command Knight 3x Comrade Swordsman 3x D.D. Warrior Lady Destiny Hero - Defender 3x Gearfried The Iron Knight Field Commander Rahz 3x Marauding Captain 3x Obnoxious

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