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A place for collectors to discuss cacti and the cultivation of cacti including grafting, seedlings, growing techniques, sowing seed, pollinating, San Pedro, Trichocereus, cereus, lophophora, columnar, cactus, Astrophytum, ariocarpus, hybridization, f

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Three dayer on my new WR250R

Back on a bike again after selling my drift car. I decided to go with a WR250R this time as I had been eyeing them off for a while as a nice inbetweener. You can check out my build log of the WRR here:

NFL crackdown on celebrations

First, while this isn't the game I watched, the Broncos defeated the 49ers 10-6.  Both Super K and PM played a drive, and the seconds stepped in.  I read that while the Broncos won, the 49ers looked like the better team and still a Super Bowl contender.

Best WWE Wrestler / Commentator

Ok before you vote, let me explain what I mean. I am talking about an active wrestler who spent time on the commentary table in order to recover from injusries etc, hence why Im not including JBL or Jerry Lawler. They are retired wrestlers turned

What language is this smoking hot MV in?

Although i dont understand what they are singing, but i enjoyed the MV to max.

The GOAT Competition

Good Evening all,You might have noticed that the GOAT section has been removed for the time being.I am sure you will all agree that this has been a great feature over the last month and a huge thank you to MtotheC (and competitor champions)for

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