divergent minecraft server

The Minecraft Universe

Need help on minecraft, or just want to play on a server. Well then come to The Minecraft Universe!

#minecraft, universe, mine, craft, tmcu, #server, mindcraft, mind, crafter, crafting, table, patcher, singleplayer, commands, many, items, univers

Simply Minecraft

Minecraft, untainted. 24/7 server, survival, friendly. Join now. Simply-Minecraft. zapto. org

#minecraft, #server, cracked, simply, dedicated, 24/7

Harshland - Minecraft Server

Server IP: Harshland.malware-site.www

anarchy, harshland, #minecraft, #server, this, hacks, cheats, vanilla, mobs, mods, client

McAdvertisingList - Advertise your Minecraft Servers Here Now!

Need extra players? Come and post on our revolutionary new minecraft server list! We have thousands of members waiting to join your server! What are you waiting for? Come and post now!

#minecraft, #server, servers, forums, advertise, advertising, list

The Legend of Minecraft

This is the official forums for the Minecraft server, the Legend of Minecraft. Having a hard time beating that boss because he's never on? Think the server can improve? Are you curious if the chicken or Link came first? All can be answered here! !

legend, zelda, #minecraft, recreation, arenas, official, forums, oracle, #server, here, discuss, chat, with, other, users, about, many, differe

Minecraft NT

A Minecraft server for the NT temperament.

#minecraft, #server, temperament, survival, mbti, personality, intp, intj, entp, entj

Bacon - Minecraft Survival Server

Bacon - The Minecraft Survival Server

#minecraft, survival, #server, mature, awesome, bacon, protections, ranks, best, griefers

Rangers Project Server

A place for the members of my server to chat, organize and collaborate on all things minecraft!

rangers, project, #server, #minecraft, buildin, ranger10700, inspirational, times, great, awesome, have

GrandCraft SMP Server

Minecraft SMP Server

free, forum, grandcraft, #minecraft, #server, notch, epic, youtube, facebook

Cracked Minecraft Server

The forums related to my cracked minecraft server, and minecraft in general.

cracked, #minecraft, #server, forums, related, general

-= Termina! =-

Minecraft for the rest of us.Termina is a minecraft server that is located in Chicago, IL.Server IP:

friendly, termina!, termina, build, notch, #minecraft, #server, chicago


TnT Alliance Minecraft Server

epic, #minecraft, #server, tntalliance

Oasis-FTB Server

A Feed The Beast server that is part of the wonderful Oasis family of MC servers! Only respected players of the Oasian Servers allowed to join!

#minecraft, oasis-ftb, #server, oasis, feed, beast, community, madscientist, madscientist032, paxination, best, players, whitelist

Extrocity Minecraft Server

A great and new minecraft server for both free and paid minecraft members!

extrocity, #minecraft, #server, great, both, free, paid, members!

MPA Server Forums

Forum for the new MPA Minecraft Server

forum, #server, #minecraft, mpaserver, survival, multiplayer, mesa, prep, forresthopkinsa

Minecraft Server

This is my Minecraft website server. :D

#minecraft, #server, this, website

Bishop's Minecraft Server

The forum for the Minecraft server.

bishop's, #minecraft, #server, forum

Jikko MineCraft Server

CapnJikko's Minecraft server of fun :D

jikko, #minecraft, #server, capnjikko's

Enderruption - Minecraft Server

A minecraft server in development.

#minecraft, enderruption, #server, survival, magic, classes

QuarryCraft - Minecraft 1.2.4 Server Forum

Free forum : Cracked Minecraft RPG, PVP, Faction and Survival Server. Best Plugins There is ! ! !

quarrycraft, cracked, #minecraft, survival, faction, #server, best, plugins, there, ancasino, chestshop, essentials, hawkeye, ichat, jobs, mcmmo, mobdisguise, nolagg, safeexplosions, worldedit, worldguard


A forum made for Zidocraft - Minecraft Server Community!

zidocraft, #minecraft, cracked, #server, free, hamachi, whitelist, paying, donator, perks, mcmmo, vanish, disguise, craft, logblock, griefing, multiverse, premium, survival, 24/7 Minecraft Server

Minecraft Server, #minecraft, #server

FreeStyle Gaming Minecraft server

Minecraft server that any one can join for free!

freestyle, gaming, #minecraft, #server, that, join, free!

Xenith MineCraft

MineCraft Server

xenith, #minecraft, #server

Sos's Minecraft Server

A Minecraft 24/7 Survival Server!

sos's, #minecraft, #server, 24/7, survival, server!

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