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Solving all kinds of difficulties with friends, and sharing business ideal's, how to make money online, legit investment, virtapay dollar, world news. politics, elections, jobs, free money, work at ho

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RU funkey? forum

RU Funkey? forum is where you talk about UB Funkeys, get tricks, tips, and info. The Official UB Funkey forum sanctuary.

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Forum free : Maine childcare Providers

Forum free : A place for childcare providers to share experiences, difficulties, and suggestions concerning their profession.

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difficulties with old man obsessed by the weather (Really odd)

Does anyone have any ideas of how to deal with this person? He seems to manage to get me when I am at my most migrainy moments. He seems harmless, and when you are out on the front of your house tidying the garden will walk past and tell you about the

Personal Gaming: Fire Emblem Awakening in Lunatic

For those who can't find my latest review on Fire Emblem Awakening, click here My experience so far (I just finish Chapter 7) playing Fire Emblem Awakening in Lunatic difficulty on Causal Mode is demystify in terms of what I was expecting from this ne

Please Help- Drill Through To Very Large Dimension Table confusion...

Hi, I'm struggling with following design issue. We're currently using Excel Pivot Tables which are tied to SSAS cubes. This cube represents sales which were generated against certain promotional campaigns. The way we built it, we summarized al

Topamax and breathing difficulties

Has anyone here who has been on Topamax had any breathing difficulties? I am not due for a followup with my specialists for a few weeks. I followed a course of upping the dose ever 7 days until I reached 75 MG, which I am to stay on. I have been at

Trouble walking or moving with migraine

Hi All, The migraines have been horriffic since the stimulator broke a few weeks ago, but last night something weird happened. I was in the kitchen walking from there to the couch and it was like I completely forgot how to walk. I could do it, I just

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