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This is a forum about transformice not afflicted with Transformice though.

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The first English Transformice forums for this wildly popular game!

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BadAangel Forums (TFM TRIBE)

Come And Join The One And Only Transformice Tribe BadAangels!

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Hello-Operator: Forever

A webforum for webpeoples

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Transformice thread

WoB Transformice thread. WoB's transformice room: /room WoB Fire away o-o


Transformice is an online multiplayer game in which you are a little mouse, and you have to get the cheese to the hole. It is not always simple to carry out your task; often it is quite difficult. Join here:

-Roleplaying Thread- Anaphora: Entropy

From here on out, everything has changed. We have another variable in the mix. Our personal wars are just beginning. And we’re learning more about what it means to be a Trait Bearer, as we swim upstream fighting entropy. What it means to be

Halcyon (A Homestuck Open World RP.)

Let's get started!! :D: Some music to set the mood. <3 A slow breeze passes through the Land of Marathon and Halcyon. The grass gently bows to the soft, unassuming current, as the world of infinite time and potential gently breathes, uncaring o

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