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This is a forum about transformice not afflicted with Transformice though.

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The first English Transformice forums for this wildly popular game!

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BadAangel Forums (TFM TRIBE)

Come And Join The One And Only Transformice Tribe BadAangels!

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Hello-Operator: Forever

A webforum for webpeoples

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Lucias Pranks

Lucy snuck out of her cabin, wearing a gray sweater, dark red pants, a gray beanie and black shoes. Her hair was braided to the side and her blue-gray eyes were outlined by a thin black line of eyeliner. She looked around, looking for Zone in the dark.

Transformice thread

WoB Transformice thread. WoB's transformice room: /room WoB Fire away o-o


Transformice is an online multiplayer game in which you are a little mouse, and you have to get the cheese to the hole. It is not always simple to carry out your task; often it is quite difficult. Join here:

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