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Tera Online Beta Codes

If you want to try this Action-MMO, there is a code in this reddit thread: http://www.reddit.com/r/TeraOnline/comments/rl57d/10000_tera_beta_codes_for_our_fans_on_reddit/

What Titan subclass would you recommend?

So I spent my 23 motes of light on the chest piece engram and got a sweet Titan chest armor piece and got me to thinking that maybe it's about time I just make a new character different from my other 2 Warlocks just for fun (Maybe, haven't decided totally

The world of TERA

Well while looking for a game that can satisfy my need I stumbled upon this MMO. I did a 14 day trail 1st and ended up really liking the game, so I bought it. This MMO has amazing graphics and a combat system I have not played on any other MMO before.

Skyrim Mod - ADEC Tera Armor Collection - Female

This is a collection of armors from MMO Tera Online converted to Skyrim and made to fit the ADEC body. These are stand alone armors that can be forged with vanilla perks at any forge. See Full Armors And Description - Download Here Rubicite * Ebon

So you're level 15+, have you switched your subclass?

Thinking about switching up my subclass tonight so I can start getting an idea of the real world differences between the two.  Have any of you switched your subclass?  And what do you think of it compared to your first one? The Warlock Sunsinger class

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