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No longer available: Andis clipper blades for sale

While checking my garage, I found a few brand new Andis Ultraedge clipper blades. As I am no longer grooming professionally, I don't need them. Anyone interested in 2x5F, 3x7F, 2x10, 1x15 blades? Say $30 each, plus postage - or pick up from Glen

Fancy birds video...

just found this video on youtube and though as some of our members keep fancy breeds they might be interested in seeing this...........i found it interesting anyway.

How To Determine The Gender of Your P imp or Het: Video

Full length video, finally got it up today...

Pigeon video, janssens.

take a look at this video, the sound is a bit crap but the video is interesting.........

Gone to the Snowdogs - Fan Version of what dog people say- Video

Mya and Kody are in it too!! Mya's at like the 2:25 minute mark and Kodys at the 3:20 mark. So cute!

How to Upload Photos or Resize them for the Forum

PLEASE SEE OUR UPDATED THREAD: /t16716-how-to-upload-pictures-udated-02-10-17 Thank you! -- Hi everyone!  So, I know that most of you use photobucket or other hosting sites, but did you know that you can resize/host images here, directly

Harrise's Never Ending Random Picture Thread

Like the title says. This is going to be a constant thread up in that right hand corner over there -------------------------> ...

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