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Nice boy's dorm room

This is my room ,  My name is Nice Boy i like duel and have fun , i accept all challenges for BA  I currently live in Italy.  My score irl:  17 regionals win  1 ycs top  top 64 eu champ  top 16 2 times at nats champ  4-5 big tournaments over 100

WilliamBerlin's Room

Here's your room.Have fun and stay active

Yoshi's Story > All these new games

It's a true statement. Yoshi's Story has that appeal. You got your Call of Shit: Repetitive games, and your Grand theft Auto, I got my Yoshi's Story. Killing enemies with eggs. (Bone Dragons? No problem. 2 hits kill him. Triple Bone Dragon? NOPE.) It's

[No title]

Kopi OO Gao

"Kumbh Mela" (Pitcher Festival)

Temporary Pontoon Bridges, Kumbh Mela Festival, Allahabad, India (photo Steve McCurry)

An old girlfriend of George Clooney's writes a book about their 20+ year-long relationship -- or does she?

Firstly the disclaimer: what you're about to read is a book that was sent to me by someone.  All she'll say on the subject matter is this and I don't know any more: "I am a writer about to publish my first novel. Technically, it's not the first though.

Telugu and Tamil movies, actors, etc.

As everyone knows, there so many states in India, and as in Mumbai they have Bollywood, we, south indians have Tollywood I am not sure, how exactly they call it in Chennai, but as for me, Tollywood is nothing but AP and Tamil Nadu

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