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Exercising my TD .051

Hi guys had a decent day today still a little cool but ok so I pulled out my stand and plopped my TD on it and fed it some Cox super power fuel. It has a fairly new P/C set so I went easy on it so no rpm figures yet anyway here's a pic and a vid enjoy!!

StarFox_Falco test result's

Match Results: 81/100 Win/Loss Ratio 2:1 = 5 P Aptitude(Skill of Recruit) =7 Deck Consistency(Ease of access to resources) =10 Rulings(Knowledge of cards and their effects) =8 Behavior =9

Neku Sakaki Test Result's

Previous score before subtraction 68/100 Match Results: 58/100 Win/Loss Ratio         2:0 = 10 P Aptitude(Skill of Recruit) = 8        2 - 4 - 6 - 8 - 10 Deck Consistency(Ease of access to resources) = 6        2 - 4 - 6 - 8 -

Luna's test result's

Ruling Test: 10/10 https://testmoz.com/312780 Match Results: 20/20 Win/Loss Ratio 0:2=0/20 1:2=5/20 2:1=10/20 2:0=20/20 Duelist Skill(Based on play style) 15/15 Rulings: 10/10 (Averages from the ruling test and any noticeable mistakes wit

Clickme1 tet result

Match Duel: gladiators vs. clowns Single Duel: t.g.d.d vs. clowns -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Match Results: 0/12 points - Tester vs. testee Match Deck Construction

Hidan test result's

The dorm placement test will consist of a match on DN and will test dueling skills/rulings/construction/playability. Rules for Testing:  Alternative/Automatic Win ("Exodia", Mill, Stall, Burn, Satellarknights, Qilphorts, Majespectors, Kozmos, Ritual

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