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Suriamas @ Bandar Sunway

Free forum : All About Suriamas Apartment @ Bandar Sunway

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A story of how google was overtaken by a plumber and a pasta lover

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Noisy negro in suriamas

anyone here live in suriamas has similar problem with me? loud thumping bass from your negro neighbour almost all day and all night? i complaint to security, didn't provide permanent solution. I report police, didn't provide permanent solution. the

GPS Navigation system for car

I want to purchase a GPS navigation system for my wife's car since she has started traveling a lot. I have seen many of you mention such systems so please advise. What would be a good, easy to use (for a non-techie type), system that would not break the

[WTL] Sunway Suriamas Master Room + Medium Room Available For Rent

Suriamas Condo, Bandar Sunway Renovated unit and fully furnished without aircond ( can be added on request with additional sum). For only Chinese male/female. Utilities bill are on sharing basis. 2 mths rental deposit + 1 mth rental + 1 mth

"Plumber" Available

Following on from a (True) story heard at the Turkey Run yesterday, It would be a good time to remember to keep yourself and your home warm this Christmas. The story was told by a young boy ( to be called "Jamie O B" as he wants to keep his

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