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A place for fans to discuss the future of Superman, and other characters, on the big-screen.

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Bond And Beyond: A James Bond Forum Community Devoted To MI6 Agent 007

Welcome to Bond And Beyond: The Number One Place To Discuss James Bond. . . And Beyond.

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Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, DC, Gaming, Comic Books, Roleplay, Fan-Fiction, Minecraft - it's all here!

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DCnU Superman Thread (re: Action Comics and Superman)

Figure we can use this as a general Action Comics discussion. To kick things off, there's a preview of the first few pages at Overall, it seems Morrison wasn't kidding around

Now-titled Superman/Brainiac DTV In The Works. 'Superman: Unbound'

Molly Quin is supergirl in upcoming dtv: Molly Quinn is Supergirl! by Spencer Perry July 17, 2012 Share this story In an upcoming animated feature DC really has a great handl

Superman's Physique

Just curious as to what people want Cavill to look like in the Reboot? Zack Snyder had the entire cast, including HIMSELF, workout here: And as you saw in 300, it WORKED. I think the above physique would be ideal for

Happy Birthday, Superman! February 29, 2012: Happy Birthday Superman! February 29 is traditionally the day we celebrate Superman's birthday. Why February 29? Editor Julie Schwartz declared that Superman's birthday wa

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