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Pink Ribbons & Blue Hats. Dé nederlandse fansite van Hey Arnold!

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Star dust/ red archfiend dragon deck

rate or fix please. side deck: 10 Stardust Dragon x 3 - lv 8 Red Dragon Archfiend x 3 - lv 8 Majestic Star Dragon x 2 - lv 10 Majestic Red Dragon x 2 - lv 10 monsters: 18 Guard of Flamvell x 3 - lv 1 Axe Dragonute x 2 - lv 4 Vice Dragon x

Stardust vs Zenmaines.

Let's say Zenmaines activates its effect to detach 1 mat and blah blah...Will Stardust negate in the End Phase and destroy Zenmaines and Zenmaines detach the last mat? If it's something that's different, please tell me. Thanks first.

Yubelneos room

Welcome to my bedroom. I can use any deck. I dont have preferences about that although i like some of them. Anybody who wants a duel against me can challenge me. I usually answer quickly. .

Stardust Support

When this card is used for a Synchro Summon its level becomes the same as the non-tuner monsters level (if 2 or more monsters are used it becomes the level of the lowest one), if this card is used for the Synchro Summon of "Stardust Dragon" draw 3 cards.

Stardust Evolution

30 Monsters Cards: 1x Luster Dragon 3 x Sonic Chick 3x Stardust Xiaolong 2x Elemental Hero Neos Alius 3x The Tricky 1x Majestic Dragon 3x Dark Bug 1x Effect Veiler 1x Malefic Stardust Dragon 2x Cyber Dragon 1x Trust Guardian 1x Honest 1x Junk

Stardust :)

Hey, I'm Stardust, and I'm new to this academy. I've been in many academies before and well this one is the first one that actually seems better and stands out from the rest, with a huge variety of features and just seems fun, so I look forward to

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