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TheSpritas: Completed Animations

Death Battles Uploaded on Apr 01, 2012 Uploaded by: Mr Lange                                                                           Sonic V.S. Quote SquirrelKidd Jun 28, 2012                                                                

George Clooney supports the international campaign to stop rape and gender violence in conflict

I'm a little dubious about this. It's coming up in today's searches although nobody supplies any evidence that George actually has signed up to it. It may be a case of someone using his name to promote their cause. Still, it sounds like the kind of

Hinata cant keep Naruto in check..

Yeah... Um.... no..,.   I had been reading some arguments agaisnt NH/hinata, and I found them bogus. Hinata doesn't need to use brutal force like almost every girl in NV to keep Naruto in check. Hinata has her own way of doing things, she is a gentl

The Crafty Cracker's Fan fics

Hey guys! Here's a list of my NaruHina (some are with other pairings) fan fics. Hope you check them out. I'll be including the summary. So... yeah. That's about it. A Number of Complications - Rated T - In-Progress - 22 Chapters - Updated thrice every

Naruto and others...

Jiraiya Gaara Kakashi Nine Tailed Fox Orochimaru Rock Lee Tsunade Itachi Sasuke Naruto My first cards :D

The Anti-

Rules of The Anti-NarSak Thread: 1. From now on, the use of the term "The Zombie" is strictly prohibited. We've given it much thought, and the term is too degrading. It's often used in plural to address the fans, and that is something we do

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