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We are rivals to Pres Cafe and Digital Spy, mixing television presentation with the world of film & television (from Doctor Who to The Girls on the Bus)

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Presentation of Legendary Battlegrounds

Hello Greetings from Spain Sorry for my bad English My name is Victor and I am a follower of the forum for years. I have learned much from you. I write because I am responsible for a new brand (LEGENDARY BATTLEGROUNDS)trying to break into the

Professional photography presentation at (USA) National Bonsai & Penjing Museum

Sunday (day-before-yesterday), professional photographer Michael Colella spoke to Potomac Viewing Stone Group about photographing viewing stones/suiseki in the (USA) National Collection. For a professional photographer there are so many bells &

Stone Presentation - Spring in the city of NHA TRANG ...

Hello My Friends - Members IBC Forum , Here are the pictures that I have recorded ... at spring in the city of Nha Trang ... 1.Landscape Stone of TRẦM HƯƠNG viewing stones Club - Nha Trang : 2.Landscape Stone of TRẦM HƯƠNG viewing

Presentation de Yumiji =)

Bonjour à tous! =D Prénom: Stéphanie Age: 19 ans née le 22 avril 1994 Manga/Anime Favoris: Y'en a plein Hobbies: Graphisme, Dessin, Jardinage, Lecture et plein d'autres trucs Graphe: Oui, depuis genre un ans et plus AMV-Making: Non j'en

Perhaps the presentation of my book is flawed?

Good day, guys. Lately I've been wondering if there's a problem with the design of my book. The publisher was the one that came up with the cover art but lately I've been wondering if the text/description at the back is incorrect. Here's what's

Multimedia Bonsai Presentation - IBA&CB 2014

The Multimedia Bonsai Presentation concept has presented the beauty of 4th dimension of bonsai art. This was a creative break through to the glass ceiling effect in bonsai art that had successfully raised bonsai to a higher level, specifically in the

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