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Why is Wedding Peach so hated for??

I really LOVED this anime series... 2nd to Sailor Moon it was my favorite one to watch! Why has it gotten so much backlash by magical girl anime fans on here for?? I personally loved it so much.

Needing You Needing Me [ShizNat fanfic]

Hi hi, guys! I bring to you an awesome ShizNat fanfic, written by Hollowed-Words and I. I mainly write for the Shizuru parts and she mainly writes for the Natsuki parts. And as always, we do not own any of the original Mai HiME awesomeness.

Evolution Miniatures 1/35th scale Gangster EM-35009

Evolution Miniatures – Gangster in 1/35th Scale Kit # EM-35009 By Shawn W. Gehling This is an outstanding figure of a 1930’s Style US Mobster/Gangster (enforcer or soldier) from any big City (New York, Chicago or wherever you want him to be from). H

What's Your Cowboy/Cowgirl Nickname?

Howdy! Click on the link below to get your cowboy or cowgirl nickname. Get my name! Mine is: "The Bullet" :cowboy: lol

Gangster (hindi movie with endlish subtitles)

Hi all!!! I have recently watched one hindi movie.. and after long time i realy liked it!! its not that kind of usual hindi movie? with a lot of tears, slobs and all... i felt its kind of pshycological... and it wasnt a big hit in INdia.. Indians

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