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Perpustakaan maya Ade

Perpustakaan ini adalah perpustakaan online yang dikelola oleh Ade. Terima kasih Tuhan.

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Tujuan Utama forum kolejforex diwujudkan adalah untuk membincangkan segala isu-isu, teknik-teknik, strategi dalam forex.

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The mithril-vest

i've come to think of something lately. the mithril vest given to frodo from bilbo, the one he wears in LOTR, that was on of the things bilbo got from the dragonhord, when they were all pimped up. Bilbo never knew how much it was worth etc. etc. but! i

Fanart/doujin by Keroyon Jima

Some of the best NH fan art can be found here- Official Doujin Translation here-

Expanded clay aggregate, Hydro pebbles

Hey guys, and girls I've been using expanded clay aggregate/Hydro for my bonsai for the past two years. I mix it 60/40 (Hydro/soil) with non fertilised organic soil and add a few natural fertiliser pellets for the spring growth when I don't feed liqui

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