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The Official LEGO Universe News Forums! (All LEGO Universe images © of LEGO and NetDevil. )

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Prairie Bricks

A place where people with a fondness for Lego can meet and discuss all things Lego

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Codrex Magna

A place for all BIONICLE fans.

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PennLUG Forum

A forum for PennLUG members

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LEGO Middle-earth

Someone sent me an e-mail about this and I thought it was pretty cool. A bunch of people built LEGO replicas of a number of well-known landmarks from the story. They seem to draw mainly on the films for inspiration, though the films themselves were made

Lego Trains in Canberra

For those people near Canberra this weekend the CMRCI Train Exhibition is on at Kaleen High School and CLUG has a Lego train layout on display.

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