lego hantu

Prairie Bricks

A place where people with a fondness for Lego can meet and discuss all things Lego

#lego, mblug, slug


A LEGO Forum for Australian & New Zealand Fans young and old!

afol, forum, australia, #lego, fans, australian, zealand, young, anzfol, kiwi

Codrex Magna

A place for all BIONICLE fans.

bionicle, forum, #lego, bionicles, fans, codrex, magna, home, legos, off-topic, great, epic, free, building, making, game, games

PennLUG Forum

A forum for PennLUG members

#lego, pennlug, forum, pennsylvannia, club

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LEGO Middle-earth

Someone sent me an e-mail about this and I thought it was pretty cool. A bunch of people built LEGO replicas of a number of well-known landmarks from the story. They seem to draw mainly on the films for inspiration, though the films themselves were made

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