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MadHackz Evolution

The Pure skill industry is about to end up! Next Level Shit

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Garena plus

What is the difference between garena and garena plus? I just joined it but idk :S

Anyone plays DOTA on Garena?

If anyone is interested to setup some matches of DOTA on Garena let me know. If you don't know what Garena is its basically like a for people who don't have the retail version of the game.

Ariana: Babysitting Elayn

It had taken some time for Ariana and Melan to get Elayn to bed, the child having been fairly difficult in allowing them to put her asleep without the pressence of her parents she now lay peacefully in the cot at the foot of the bed. Granting the couple a

Pictures of your character/s

Please do, I for one love seeing pictures of the characters far more detailed and pretty then the in game characters! Cali Wanja Derianine Nazetheranos Saihna "Drake of Arathor" Trollbane

Wanted: Bumblebee United

Its the takara release that has a gold colour instead of yellow, such as in this link: Can trade other United / henkei figures, or payment if necessary! tah muchly, pm or email [email protected] is good =-)

Can't register an in game account

Hey trying to register an in game account. However, everytime I submit my info it takes me to a black white page that never loads. I've tried Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Chrome and it's all the same result. I'd love to play but I assume I can't without

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