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Bulgarian RPG forum in which the moderator is a 4chan-er. "There are no rules for moderation, enjoy your ban"

ironclad, bulgarian, moderator, 4chan-er, "there, rules, moderation, enjoy, ban"

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Hardcore Character

So this is my first time venturing into hardcore territory. I was wondering if there are some recommendations on good starter builds for hardcore. I'm thinking of starting with a bear stance rune master barb. Only problem I see with that is that he's

Vision's Random Thread of Stumbling

So I've taken to using StumbleUpon to just find random fun things on the internet. I can't keep spamming my twitter or my facebook all night, every couple nights, since it could get annoying. But I still want to share some of this stuff with the rest of

Have you been to 4chan?

Is it true only faggots and pedophiles go there?


Just wanted to start playing, but understood that because of those white ghosts that one shot you by just teleporting will simply ruin the game. I just don't get the idea of it. Yes it is an interesting quest but quite ridiculous because this is not even

FNV on Very Hard + Hardcore

I just finished NV on Very Hard + Hardcore...I have PTSD now What about you did you finish NV Very Hard + Hardcore? How would you describe it?

Hybridreamer's First Hardcore Adventure

So i've decided to jump into hardcore recently. I will be making a Fire/Ice Sorceress as my first hardcore character. I will be updating this regularly as I play. Hopefully a few times per week. If I ever decide to look up the information I'll add som

Odina Hardcore Lightning Zon

I've started a Hardcore Lightning zon in the wake of my sorceress death. I've yet to play anything other than a bowazon so this will all be new territory for me. If anyone has advice on what direction to take I'm all ears.

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