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Yumekichi's Truth of Japanese Anime!

The truth of anime!

yumekichi's, truth, japanese, anime!

Anime Galaxy - The Untold Story

Anime Galaxy is a Roleplaying Game which focuses on stats and abilities, it's based on a forum and the plot is controlled by the members themselves, and is totally unique.

forum, anime, galaxy, community, anime, roleplay, staff, bleach, naruto, piece, gintoki, bieber, samurai, japan, otaku, cosplay, gangnam, style

Nayuki_Love Scanlations

Nayuki_Love Scanlations Bringing Bishojos to a Manga near you!

nayuki_love, nayuki, manga, scanlations, capo, imaginary, future, fortune, arterial, fortune, arterial, futakoi, alternative, honey, coming, kanon, shimotsuki, kinusa, mangaka-san, assistant-san, thief, greed

Free forum : E-Play Anime

Free forum : Story ideas. Free forum : E-Play Anime

free, e-play, anime, story, ideas

Mars Volta må tvangsfores


mars, volta, tvangsfores, ±???±

Garden Of Glass

Everything from anime and manga, to video games and movies. Come and hang out! Don't be shy.

anime, manga, video, games, forum, movies, japan, japanese, music, j-pop, love, live, fate/grand, order

Cooks, Books, Looks

A private forum for people who celebrate life

private, forum, people, celebrate, life

Γυναικεία Παπούτσια BILERO

Γυναικεία παπούτσια Ελληνικά δερμάτινα Χειροποίητα.Ανακαλύψτε τη Συλλογή BILERO σε γυναικεία παπούτσια.

bilero, Ελληνικά, τη, Συλλογή, σε

The Divided Packs

We're a fairly new, friendly, and fun community with an organized site. We're always looking for more members to expand the packs! We hope to see you on the site!

divided, packs, we're, friendly, community, organized, site, members, expand, packs!, hope

Otaku Heaven

If you wish for a more unique forum with a twist then here is where to go, We have many ideas so if ya love anime, games, manga, reading etc. then come along to heaven where Goddesses of all types can assist you in any wish you desire. A friendly

manga, otaku, games, downloading, anime, fans, alike, gaming, imaginations, hang, creative

Project Canada

Project Canada

project, canada

Private DND forum

place to meet up and discuss the campaign, characters, and story

private, place, meet, discuss, campaign, characters, story

Forum for Cool People: Nipah~

Welcome to Tenafly HighSchool Anime/Manga FanClub(AMFC)~! I, Lelouch vi Britannia, Command you to Sign Up and Log On!

forum, cool, people:, nipah~, welcome, tenafly, highschool, anime/manga, fanclub(amfc)~!, lelouch, britannia, command, sign

Forum : Wings of Destiny

Το Wings of Destiny είναι ένα ελληνικό group που ασχολείται με την επεξεργασία, τον υποτιτλισμό ακόμα και με την μεταγλώττιση ιαπωνικών σειρών κινουμένων σχεδίων (anime) στα ελληνικά.

sailor, moon, greek, ant1, Ελληνικά, fandub, wings, destiny

Kin of the Stars

A community for the fans of Crest of the Stars, Abh culture, anime, technology, science fiction, video games, and friendly conduct.

seikai, senkai, nation, banner, stars, community, fans, crest, culture, anime, technology, science, fiction, video, games, friendly

Forum gratis : Randanime ~Open to the Public~

Forum gratis : Free forum : A Random Anime Group. For talk about Anime and everything that goes with!

forum, gratis, free, randanime, ~open, public~

Δερμάτινα Παπούτσια BILERO

Γυναικεία Παπούτσια Δερμάτινα Ελληνικά Χειροποίητα, Κατασκευασμένα από Γνήσια Δέρματα Υψηλής Ποιότητας.Ανακαλύψτε όλη μας τη Συλλογή σε Γυναικεία Παπούτσια

bilero, Ελληνικά, από, Γνήσια, Δέρματα, Υψηλής, όλη, μας, τη, Συλλογή, σε, Παπούτσ

BlackStar Anime

Anime Sharing Network

blackstar, anime, anime, sharing, network

free forum : Japanese Media Society

Japanese Media Society Forum

japanese, media, society, anime, arizona, state, university

Backup Board

Temporary (?) backup until we can transfer posts etc

backup, board, temporary, until, transfer, posts

New Gray Media

Welcome to New Gray Media

newgray, media

Infinite Dimesnions

We took One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, and Dragon Ball Z and wrapped them up into one big Anime Roleplaying site.

infinite, dimesnions, took, piece, naruto, bleach, dragon, ball, wrapped, them, into, anime, roleplaying, site

Manga: Code Forum

Manga: Code Scanlation Team Forum.

manga, code, mangacode, forum, scanlation, bleach, naruto, breaker, liar, game, indonesia, mangascans, katekyo, hitman, reborn


LP svima ja sam FORUMOV KORISNIK i napravio sam svoj forum ako vas zanima kako sam napravio svoj forum registrirajte se na moj forum

user, svima, forumov, korisnik, napravio, svoj, zanima, kako, registrirajte

Anime Chara Moll

The place where to comment on stories by fictional characters and more.

anime, chara, moll, place, comment, stories, fictional, characters

Ash & Paulina's Characters & Shenanigans

We have characters. They have shenanigans.

paulina's, characters, shenanigans, have, they


Recode your code.


Anime Club Oakville

A private forum for Anime fans in Oakville.

anime, club, oakville, private, forum, anime, fans, oakville



anime, diskusija


τι ειμαστε εμεις, Ειναι ενα μπλογκ το οποιο θα σας ενημερωνει για τα νεα οσων αναφορα την τεχνολογια στην Ελλαδα

ymcforum, τι, ειμαστε, εμεις, Ειναι, ενα, μπλογκ, το, οποιο, θα, σας, για, τα, νεα, οσων, αναφορα, την, στην, Ελλαδα

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