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A cs pro clan

a cs pro clan


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Commodore 64 games

Bought myself a complete Commodore 64 yesterday. The smell of the power adapter after playing a few hours and the sound of the 1541-II disk drive while loading certainly bring back memories. Have spent a lot of time on these machines (and getting togethe

FS/T Retro Gaming stuff (Atari C64 MSX Spectrum,...)

accumulated these over the years. would prefer to sell in lot(s). open to trade for vintage sw i'll keep it brief and let the pictures talk. don't hesitate to post any questions you might have!

Were Commodore guitars made by Mat?

There was a link or a thread some while back to a definitive? list of guitars / brands that were crafted by Mat that I now cant find! Can anyone provide that link please. A friend of mine has just bought a Commodore 335 replica and the seller claims i


reworked camion blindado MTM2 (8 photos) originally i built thismodel some years ago. back than all i had where a set of scale plans from f.c. albert. recently i came across some photos of the vehicle and decided to rework the model. i removed the paint

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