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1879 Zulu war isandlwana

Free forum : Isandlwana, Rorkers Drift. Zulu War, Discussion Forum , Chelmsford, Crealock, Durnford, 1879, Battle, Coghill, Melvill, VC Remember the Noble 24th, Norris newman, Bromhead, Chard, Isandlwana, Alexandra Mounted Rifles, amaNgwane Scouts, a

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Zulu Film Exhibition film now on You Tube

Hi All, I have posted the video from the opening day of the Zulu Film Exhibition at Cardiff Castle on You Tube - you can see it here - If the link is not working, copy and paste it into your browser to see it. I

zulu or zulu dawn-which is better

hi just wondering which film you all prefer 'ZULU' or 'ZULU DAWN' for me, it would have to be 'zulu' but which do you think? thanks joe

Zulu: The True Story

sas1Zulu: The True Story

zulu - Film Script.

hi all. Thought this was interesting enough to share . cheers 90th.

What did happen to the Zulu Dead at Isandlwana.

I was watching a program last night. Some of which was filmed at Isandlwana. The program was regarding a Zulu Prince who wanted to meet a British Girl. Anyway the Zulu Prince was making statements regarding the Graves and Monuments stating they were

Zulu Dawn

Plug in your headphones sit back and watch Zulu Dawn.

Did he take part in the Zulu War. William 'Zulu' Smith, was a veteran of the Zulu War of 1879

Received an E-Mail for Tim Needham who came across this webiste. Llandudno Mountaineering Club The Llandudno Advertiser started on the 11th April 1885 and ceased publication in 1997. The title is still owned by Trinity Mirror (due to their

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