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Adding script to main page for gaming

ok i am trying to add a script to my site that some guys made up for me to be a tracker for one of are servers...where should i put it, Statistics maby? im not sure how to do get it so help me out here lol, here is the script. <script

I.P. Tracker from Admin panel is gone haywire!

Our I.P. logger and tracker from the Admin panel has gone all commercial & bizerk! The site is all advertising now and doesn't give the input for I.P.'s to trace.

BitMeDino - Tracker Disscutions and Invites

Name of the Forum: BitMeDINO [u]Address: [u]What categories would you like the reviewer to review? The DinoBT categori

Possiblity to have a Collection Tracker

I hope I explain this correctly: You would have to pay points to keep this going on your site. Some people collect comics, baseball cards collectable miniatures and I was hoping for a program for the site to be able to track your collections. The

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