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Left 4 Middle School

A RolePlaying group based on the L4MS DeviantArt group. (Which is based around Left 4 Dead)

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OC Bios (Zombieland)

figured we could use this so we didn't have to search through our posts for characters bios Name: Nicholas Sinclair Species: Human with "potential" Gender: Male Appearence: a 17- year old boy with medium length black hair and fire red

Organization XIV Member chart

I've been slightly bored lately. So, I decided to look over the Organization XIV topics to find out just what everyone's number was. I'm putting the chart up for three reasons: 1. I knew there was some confusion with numbers here 2. I want to make sur

Ventus' Zombieland

()= Ven talking in everyone's heads in an extremely creepy voice (Welcome all to the terrifying realm of ZOMBIELAND! Choose your fate and path...) A form appears in front of all there changing their amorphous appearence as they fill it in it

OC Bios (Org. XIV)

bios for Org. XIV go here.


Welcome to TIZ: This is Zombieland. The story here is that we are ourselves, in our home towns. Each player starts on their computer that they primarily post on the forum with. And then you receive news that the one thing everyone fears happens. This

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