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Spore Art

The Spore Art Forum

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The Elithian Alliance

The Elithian Alliance : The club that once started on the Spore forums now has its own forum! Join us and become part of this fascinating story!

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Forum gratis : Free forum : Cheddix Corporation of

Forum gratis : The Forum home of zapper operating system. Free forum : Cheddix Corporation official forum

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Supplements For Joint/Arthritis Trouble

My dad visited over the weekend, and he is clearly suffering quite a bit from his hips and knees. He already has one hip replacement. And it looks like the other one is around the corner. He's always been very athletic, and he still plays tennis several

zapper usage(jdp and everyone with a terminator)

I've been using my zapper again latly. Use it on my foot at nights and sometimes during the day..... After a night of wearing it I get green prints on my foot, oxidized copper, is this a problem? I really don't like the idea of activly supporting my

Best Zapper Recommendations

I want to purchase a zapper to use on myself and to also use to energies drinking water.. My dilemma, too many choices of zappers, frequencies, models, and websites selling these. I've heard of the Super Zapper as being a good one .. Is there a zappe

Want to try a rife machine, where to begin?

Hi, I was reading about all the benefits, and this is interesting... I want to try this out, but I am not ready to spend 2k+ on a rife machine. Can I get some guitar amplifier some accessories for the arms, connect to a pc and use a

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