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Za sve nas admine :D Zabava, druzenje, nazalost i ucenje.

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Hi, I haven't been on here in a while, but I had a question. We have a huge pile of leaves behind the fence in the back that continues go grow year after year. Someone told me that Urea would decompose them very quickly. What exactly is urea, is it saf

Getting on with other pets: llamas and alpacas!

Hi everyone, I'm keen to know if anyone keeps llamas or alpacas and how your staffie gets on with them? I'm considering a 1-year-old female staffie terrier from the RSPCA but have read in a few brochures that they can have problems with some pets (but n

Invasive plants

Last year I planted one mint plant in my SFG. This spring I had to totally rip it out of the whole bed. Next time I know to just plant in a single pot to keep it under control. What other plants are so invasive that I need to avoid in my SFG?

Tell me about llamas....(and is their poop good for composting?)

See, it's garden related! But I want to know all about the llama as a domesticated ambassador animal. Please tell me pet qualities vs. working animal qualities...and how good is their poop for compost?


I found the only Llama farm within 3 counties while driving to my dance class. Little sign on the side of the road, LLAMA MANURE FOR SALE. I got most of my truck bed filled for $35. Llamamomma, can I put a bucket full in each 4x4 now for planting in

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