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The Black Tails Gang: Forum and Roleplay

The shadows of the city exist as our cover. We bear the black bandanna. We seek harmony in this troubled universe, however it must be reached. We are the Black Tails.

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Free forum : Rise of The Fallen

Free forum : 200 years after the Soul Society reached its state of peace. A birth of a new Generation has arised, but the once known deceased are rising, and in numbers unheard of. Will the new Genera

#free, #forum, #rise, #fallen, #bleach, #game, #online, #roleplaying, #bleachs, #anime

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Earwigs, earthworms, & eggs on peas

Just got in from planting and harvesting in the on/off rain! Fun stuff! Lots of lettuce, sugar snap peas. On to my questions: I occasionally see earthworms, regular old earthworms. They don't hurt anything, do they? While harvesting the

Hes ate chicken bones, now strange behaviour

well last night i left my chicken bones on my plate on the floor, then i walked out the room, when i came back 2 bones had been taken, and tonight for the past few hours he will every now and then get up off his bed and chase after hes 'back' end as if it

Newbie ?: cucumber at top of trellis - now what?

Hello - my cucumber has reached the top of the conduit trellis I made. Should I start snipping it off at the top, or should I let it grow higher and then try to guide it back down? Thank you!

We've reached a milestone!!

100 registered users!! wooo lets go for a thousand!!

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