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Rose Talk: for the discussion of roses, growing, rose culture, breeding, and conservation in Australia

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Hello from Tasmania :)

Just wanted to say hello from Tasmania... I posted this hello (with a few modifications) on the Cactus and Succulent Society of Australia forum and... let's just say the response wasn't over whelming... hoping things are a little more congenial here

The Nurseries Camping Site - Mumby, Lincolnshire

Google Map Location UK Campsite Information and Reviews We arrived Friday night at 6pm, struggled at first to find it as you drive down coots lane and approach farm buildings and feel you have gone too far, a quick call to the owners confirms it is

Hello all!

My name is Shmuel and I live in Jerusalem Israel with my wife and kids and lots of plants. Cacti are, of course, the primaryfocus and I was amazed to count (for my vote in this forum) and found I had about 35 Mammillarias. Even more if you count separate

Hello From Georgia

Greetings, I am new to square foot gardening and I am extremely excited. I tried my first hand at traditional gardening last year and was pretty pleased. A true southern gal..born and rasied in Georgia, it's in my blood. I look forward to all of the

Ladybug, the first sign of ... trouble?

So far my garden was pest and disease free, thank goodness, maybe it's just a beginner's luck, or maybe pests are staying away because they saw my yard year after year turning into a creeping jungle, and gave up on me for good... who knows. Anyway, this

Atlanta area deal

Hey all Atlanta area gardeners. If you are like me - late bloomers, here is your chance. Pike nurseries is getting rid of their transplants and selling them for fifty cents each for tomatoes and peppers, happy and healthy transplants that are blooming and

Ever grown stevia/sweet leaf?

Has anyone ever grown stevia (aka sweet leaf), and if you did, were you able to grow from seed? I can find seeds online, but I read an article stating that it is really hard to grow from seed,and I you never know if you are going to get a sweet enough

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