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XLink Kai: Any Takers?

Well, just finished offline mode, think I'll be gettin on xlink Kai soon *Maybe tomorrow night*. Anyone interested in kicking ass with me? If you need a blademaster I'm pretty damn decent with a hammer, DS, and LS. -Hammer: Iron Striker+ --Armor:

Gender exclusive armor?

curious if this is true and what they are. i heard sailer armor is female only with no male counterpart. are there others?

Your armor set progression.

Alloy > G.Jaggi > Brachy > Helios Z I've done online only.


haha anyone else swept up by this addicting indie game? its so effing addicting xD spent all last night on it, i mean like 9 P.M. - 5 A.M. haha

Help with bow set

I need sugestions, I dont know what set is good. For gun and bow the only set I own is the yukumo one x3, Can you help me? If you could recomend some bows that would be great too!

Mao Yamamoto DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Real Name: Mao Yamamoto Super Hero Name: Iron Blossom Title: The Titanium Titan Alignment: Hero Age: 18 Gender: Female Race: Japanese Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Height: 5'4 (6'4 in armor) Weight: 110 lbs (2 tons in armor) Costume

Farming: Easy Yukumo Points

Need to upgrade your farm, need points to send cats out on adventure? Here's an easy way to get Yukumo points really quick Video: (iCEMANnoob talk about the farm and other things) Writen Guide By: Kanade Spoiler: First you'll need a

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