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Welcome to Youtopia, your utopia for gaming and hanging!

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Tanzania Public Procurement Forum

Free forum : Bridging gaps and breaking walls for a better understanding of Procurement Act and Regulations

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Arundhahti Roy's The God of Small Things

Arundhati Roy: 'The people who created the crisis will not be the ones that come up with a solution'The prize-winning author of The God of Small Things talks about why she is drawn to the Occupy movement and the need to reclaim language and

Another PETTA AVA Question regarding piston ring gaps.

Hi, Further to my last post, I have now stripped down the engine, and measured the old piston ring gap. The bore looks OK. Piston ring gap appears to be around 50 thou. As the bore appears to be 81mm(roughly) I think at 4 thou to the inch the gap


Hi all,Hope every body is ok and well and ready for the new season !!, If the poxy weather drys up a bit !!.Can any body tell me if poss how much thou per inch of bore should be for cast iron rings, Just sent of for new rings for my 5hp petter m

Lister d tappet gap help

Can anyone tell me what the gap of the tappets in a lister d is i been told its .031 but i have a mm feeler gauge please help

Spark Plug Gaps "IMPORTANT"

I've just been reading a piece by a magneto specialist in a club magazine (It's called "Fishtail", it's the Vellocette owners club magazine), he states that: Anything with magneto ignition should have a maximum plug gap of .018" (that's

Gaps in my underpainting, how do I fix it?

Hi All,I am working on my first WSO painting (used Bob Ross Black Gesso to prime) and have almost completed my under painting. There is a spot in the sky that I may have overworked with my brush. The area dried darker than anywhere else, even afte

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