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Slifer Red Uniforms (Fun)

So I decided to make Slifer Red uniforms for both girls and boys Boy Uniform Girl uniform If you like these uniforms I will make some for both Ra and obelisk dorms

New Slifer/Ra Leader

Aight so here is how we will do it. Everyone who wants to become the Ra leader or the Slifer leader needs to post a Lesson and a homework as a comment IN THIS THREAD. Put each one in a spoiler for cleanliness. After a week the staff (Mods, head tester,

Slifer - Ra / War of the Gods

Kidding. This ain't about the Gods. The Dorms, Slifer Red and Ra Yellow, have challenged each other to a War. This will be simple and by the book. Double Hearts Crossfire. Current Banlist. Anything is allowed. No Deck Change, after a won Match.

Obelisk vs Slifer War

Obelisk Blue Dorm vs Slifer Red Dorm Dueling System: DN War Rules: Banned Decks(Instant win, Burn, Stall, FTK), TCG only Deck changing after a won match: No Deck changing after a lost match: Yes War Format: Heart

Slifer Red Homework 4 : The Deck Project 1

With last week's homework, we finished our 1st, "Synergy"! Everyone give yourself a clap on the back, because no one did all the homework assignments. I thank the people who have worked hard in these past few weeks for things they didn't have to do, but

Slifer red Battle tournament!

Alright guys another chance to rank up and win some sweet Dp! so let me lay down the rules for ya! Standard rules! -Ban list: March 2012 (But No otk/ftk Burn, exodia final count down etc.) -Deck size: 40-60 -Duel Style: Standard match

Slifer's Deck Construction Class

This thread is for the Slifers participating in the deck construction class. Post your deck's card list here, and as you update them, feel free to edit your posts, but please use a different post for different weeks, so your final product won't be lost as

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