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Biewer Fanciers

The Biewer Fanciers Forum is a fun & happy forum dedicated to to the lovers of the Biewer breed.

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Edinburghdoos is a website set up for members to disscuss the flying, catching, losing, selling, swapping & buying of Horseman, Pouters, Tils, Gaddi's and any other fancy breed of thieving birds

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Falconers Are Now Learning The Truth About pigeon Fanciers

It appears that the Countryfile comments by the wildlife officer has actually the fancy a great service, especially considering that remarks were made against falconers as well as us pigeon fanciers.It seems that is actually narrowed the divide between

Any fanciers

dose any fancier race from Guernset on here if so would the fancey like me to put up info of lib time weather forcasts not only fro Guernsey but also France for lines of flight ect ? as i would be able to do it

Cowichan Feather Fanciers Poultry Swap -PICTURES-

It's been a few months since I've been to the Cowichan swap but I went today near the end of the swap and was pleasantly surprised at how many sellers there were at this time of year and the number of birds and people there. I took a few pics today just t

Fanciers action

Much is happening on the fanciers action front.I have had an invitation to write a guest blog, on Dr Mark Avery's site.No doubt I'll need protection once I have written it. But he was the main man of the RSPB for a lot of years, so he certainly

Help from Derby/Nottingham fanciers needed

hi guys just found out that i may have family in Derby/Nottingham that still might race thier last name is Archer and my late fathers uncle who used to fly his nick name was TOON any help would be great thanks

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