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Forum for the faction Newbie in Perfect World Ineternational. Dreamweaver Server.

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Free forum : LampworkDivas

Free forum : A forum for a group of lampworkers that met and became friends on the WetCanvas Newbie thread

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Newbie question abt getting handicap

Hi all, Just want to find out a bit more about getting handicap in Singapore.  I am new to golf and Had recently gotten my PC and am interested to get a handicap. However, there are limited places that we can play without handicap (some places I kno

Another newbie

Evening ALL Another transfer from the shite that is/was PASOTI. No longer can I stick the self promoted Newell love in and all that hang from the back of his ass. For me a football forum should be like being in the pub, a little bit pissed, with your

Newbie from Kalgoorlie

Hi all . Just sign up to the forum . Allot of good guys with allot of good advise on here . Just bought a gpx 4000 second hand , got an miners right and tengraph on the computer . Dont know how to choose a good spot or where to go . Went to a couple of

Newbie's Equipments

Hello! I'm looking to buy some necessary golfing equipments the next of which is a good-looking pair of golf shoes. Before I started golfing, I never gave golf stores or anything golf-related a second look or thought. Now I wish I knew... - How much

newbie. best songs out there..... jl equipment....

hello, newbie here. i just ordered some stuff and its getting installed tomorrow. I got 4 jl 13w3v3-4 hd 1200 amp to run them. jl c2 6x9 jl c2 520 5 1/4. jx 360/4 to run those. I have a 2006 dodge ram quad cab truck. im doing a blow through. cutting

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