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Maslah belting berbunyi

kawe ni member baru, nk tnya ada sesiapa pernah mengalami mslh belting berbunyi tak.belting ni b'bunyi semasa motor b'henti & enjin still running. (kadang2 tu ok jerr x berbunyi)

Cuci buah pinggang siput ( Cuci dalam Engine )

Salam, Kepada owner2 SYM..Siapa yang pernah cuci engine pakai machine yang colour merah tu...selalunya kedai cas RM25 ada yang cas sampai 30 hingga 40 tgok kedai.persoalannya boleh ker siput sedut kita nie cuci mcam motor2 cap cai yang lain

Hello all ! from the 420

hey all names wayne, one of the 420 heads, check us out on fourtwozero.enjin.comwere a new clan mainly playing gow3 and are recruting add me or sigh up at site if your interested ! goodbye420

Your Gamertag Story

So for anyone who had noticed it before, sometimes John and some of the other fm.nte staff gift unicorns for explaining the origin of your Gamertag, unfortunately I can't do that. However I'm still curious to see how people came to have the gamertags they

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