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Questionnaire for Gyarus

Hello everyone So, I'm a member of this blog about Gyaru in portuguese and we are doing a questionnaire for national and international Gyaru and I would like to know if anyone wants to be part of it? You could also attach 1-2 pictures so we can see a

Skincare? In terms of the whole body? o.O;;

I get prone to hyperpigmentation if i'm not careful out in the sun. I was wondering if anyone has ever used kojic soap or glutathione soap to remove permatans , sun damage on the skin or as intense exfoliators? I have used Likas to exfoliate but it didn't

Hera (Korean make-up)

I have recently been told that I look like Kim Tae Hee a Korean actress and I was doing some more research on her and I found out that she did adverts for a make-up brand called Hera. Hera is a Korean make-up brand that is sworn by by Korean women and is


"Skincare is what you are and makeup is what you want to be.” - muchion hughes With that being said I like just taking care of my skin so the need for makeup is zero with the exception of eyeliner and eye stuff. So i was wondering what products do

Make-up removal/ basic skin care

I know petroleum jelly works well, but It's really difficult to get my eye-make up off that way ^^; do any of you girls have any ideas/tips?? I also would recommend coconut oil if your face tends to dry out afterwards like mine it works well. also

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