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Wolf3d Haven Forum

A Friendly Wolfenstein 3D Community, About Wolfenstein 3D, the game that gave birth to First Person Shooters.

#dome, #wolf3d, #haven, #dark_wizzie

Team Aardwolf Forums(wolf3d mods,addons)

A place for Team Aardwolf and anyone else to discuss the Team Aardwolf mods

#free, #forum, #team, #aardwolf, #forums(wolf3d, #mods, #addons)

^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^

Dark Online Games Forums PH. Dark Online Games Forums PH

#darkbb, #forums, #free, #dark, #angel, #this, #request, #requested, #feel, #video, #games, #online

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Review Requested

Name of the Forum: MoonFire Club Address: Type of Review (Do not Edit): quick Review Your Name on the board: Rikilamaru I would like some feed back on how to improve it

Frequently Requested Suggestions for your Forums

Hello All Here is a list of Frequently Requested Suggestion for your Forums. This list is created, so that users can first check if their feature is already suggested or not. Suggestions for your Forums Icons Before Usernames Points

New Image requested

I am thinking of replacing the old image i have right now but i want it the same size(VERY IMPORTANT) and idea. Keep The Order Peace though Power Its the guild image for My guild on Astroempires. (NOT INTENDING ADVERTISING FOR ASTROEMPIRES (OR MY

Banner Requested. :D

Nature of the Creation: Banner Size (In Pixels): Banner size? With or Without Animation: no Main Colors: Blue and white Pictures & Links: Text to Insert :

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