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JK Stubby Bumper, Skid Plate, Grill Guard

Hi Guys, I got a new ACE Engineering Stubby Bumper so my old bumper setup is available: details here: /t419-modifying-stock-jk-bumper#4295 VDP Stubby Bumper - $50 -- Selling the bumper with the VDP Stubby End Cap Kit already installed. Fog Lights

MOC - Bobcat Skid Loader

Why has Lego made one of these eh ? So I did........ Why is it towns council's main colour is green ! Comments welcome and keep on bricking !

Al's Place at Skid's Place!!

Might as well post mine here to. This was it earlier this year, just after a total revamp. Not near as tidy now of course!!

FS 20" chrome wheels

helo skid 20x9, 5-1/4 backspace, 5x5 a few nicks here and there. not show quality, but ok for a driver. posting as a feeler because i got a line on staggered 20/22 5 spokes. will sell with or without tires(255/35/20), the ones i had on the

Skid Plate Recommendations

I've got an '04 Rubicon and am ready to start putting some skid plates on. i'm going to have to do it in sections due to $$. Any recommendations? I'm thinking i would start with the gas tank, oil pan, and either go with a diff glider or a steering box

TJ Oil pan skid

Brand new, never used Teraflex oil pan skid SKU: 4668200 Website says it fits 97-02 4.0's or YJ/XJ with AX15 and 4.0.  Other people on forums say it fits newer years as well.  I can't confirm that but will bring it to the trail ride on the 29th and can

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