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The infertility timebomb: Are men facing rapid extinction?

The infertility timebomb: Are men facing rapid extinction?

Handmade halters and other tack.

Sometimes, when I have some spare time, I do (or I would rather say try to do) halters and other tack for my equines, as long as I don't like the Breyer ones. Of cause they are not perfect, but I'm doing my best:) This was my first handmade halter. It's

wiseguy and wisegal

have officaily been married 25yrs today :dunno:

My home-made tack for my horsies

I hope I'm posting this topic in the right area, I couldn't think of any other area to put it! Anyway, I've got into making accessories (mostly rugs as you can see from the pics) to my Schleich horses. I never regarded myself as being mind-blowingly good

Happy birthday wiseguy.

Happy birthday mate, I hope it all turns out okay for you..

Michael's sponges

I saw these sponges at michaels. Has anyone used them before? Do they work good? Should i buy? Thnx in advance for ur help

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