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Texas Air Coolers

Texas Air Coolers, VolksWagens. TexasAirCoolers, Texas Air Cooler, air cooled volkswagen, volkswagen beetle beetle, aircooler, air cooler, Texas, split window, thing. Fridolin,

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Brazilian VW

The definitive site offering discussion, advice and information for owners and enthusiasts of the Volkswagen T2 Kombi still produced in Brazil; imported to the UK and converted into Campervans. Brazilian VW Campers for sale and hire.

#camper, #brazilian, #kombi, #campervan, #brazil, #volkswagen, #danbury, #window, #late


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How to catch exception window written in JavaScript?

Hi all, Recently I found a problem when testing Web UI with selenium. If UI has a runtime exception, and pop up an exception window, selenium can catch this exception and log the message. However, if the exception window is a part of Web UI, which is

IDE and Iframes

So I am attempting to write some scripts for our product people to use selenium IDE to test the web flows. I am having issues with verification tasks due to the iframes on the page I am testing. An example of a page I am having trouble with

Popup window for friends request

I think it would be useful to get a popup window notifying us when someone ask for a friendship...

Mobile window on admin panel

When i first setup the forum in the admin panel there was a window concerning mobile devices How do i reactivate it as i have closed it. I have some members that want to access it via blackberry and are unable to also i cant access my forum using my itouc

Adding A "Window" For Your Widget!

Adding A "Window" For Your Widget! You can add what I call a "Window" for something on a HTML page, or in your templates. This is basically what the form is made of. If you are going to add things to your templates, you need to make i

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