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Satsuki Azalea cutting

Hello all, My first post on this forum, so please be kind! I recently attended the retirement sale at Bristol (UK) based Glenbrook Bonsai as an avid beginner (started with a mallsai about 3 years ago and have progressed a little) and picked up a

Propagation of Trident Maple Cutings

I took cuttings today from an old Trident Maple grove that I am repotting. Would it help the cuttings if I put them on a warming mat under lights? The weather here in Chicago has been very variable this month - record heat, followed by record (frost) col

Tamarind propagation from seed

i have a few questions about tamarind propagation for the many tropical members here i've just planted a few hundred seeds and expect them to pop up soon. i want to try several experiments around the idea of growing several seedlings close together the

Wrightia religiosa propagation

I know there are some experts on this plant here. My question is how difficult are these to propagate? Is there a technique that works best for you? Thanks!

Propagation of cuttings by hydroponic methods

Hi all! Is it possible to propagate cuttings with hydroponic technics? thanx...

Maples: propagation by cuttings

There are many ways to propagate maples for bonsai, from April to the end of August, I mainly use the propagation by cuttings for many varieties of maples. At first, I prepared the cuttings, spring stems, here the variety is Acer palmatum

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