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1879 Zulu war isandlwana

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This is just a small part from this web-site. Its about the Coghill Family in general but lots on Nevill Josiah Aylmer Coghill and some on Melvill. THE FAMILY OF COGHILL. The following: sketch of Lieutenant Coo-hill was at our request sent t

Melvill & Coghill friends before or not.

I was wondering if Melvill and Coghill knew each other as good friends before going to South Africa, or did they make each others acquaintance while in South Africa. If Coghill hadn’t injured his knee he would have been with Chelmsford’s column. Which

Shoe soles from grave of Melville/ coghill

Hi, Found this on another forum and thought I'd post it for those who haven't seen it. Cheers Matt

The Death of Lts. Melvill and Coghill at Isandlwana

This has always been a matter of debate, did Melvill and Coghill really deserve the VC. Or was they granted because their families lobbied for them. I have a personal opinion on the Melvill and Coghill subject that as not always gone down well. But my

Awarded VCs If Lt. Melvill And Lt. Coghill Had Lived ?

I'm curious to know if Lt. Melvill had lived even though the Colours were lost in the river and Lt. Coghill had lived by not going back for Melvill meaning his horse did not get shot , would they still have received VCs ? Or would they have then been in

A witness to Coghill & Melville cutting thier way through the Zulu's

I'm not to sure who the witness is here. But he say's he saw Coghill & Melville cutting thier way through the Zulu's. Apart from that quite interesting. Saturday 26 April 1879 >

Coghill and Melvill issue

I was thinking today about the Coghill and Melvill issue. What about all the others that left the Battlefield for what ever reason possibly to save their lives. But they are never discussed in the same way Coghill and Melvill are. So what are the thought

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