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A site set up for people who own motorhomes, caravans and camper vans and like to travel the country and participate in rallies

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1879 Zulu war isandlwana

Free forum : Isandlwana, Rorkers Drift. Zulu War, Discussion Forum , Chelmsford, Crealock, Durnford, 1879, Battle, Coghill, Melvill, VC Remember the Noble 24th, Norris newman, Bromhead, Chard, Isandlwana, Alexandra Mounted Rifles, amaNgwane Scouts, a

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Our lovely Designer for sale with sun canopy, leisure battery, hook up etc...

Well it's a sad day but after 2+ very happy years it's time to sell our Designer! I have finally got around to setting it up and removing all of our bits and bobs and have now got our Destiny set up on the patio and am in the process of taking it to bits

Home made snake hook.

Howdy all, To put everyone's mind at ease (Both on the forum and in my family) I caved in and bought the supplies to make my own snake hook. I don't remember where I read about how to do it, I think it may have been a post on here somewhere, but it was

Cheddar gorge

Heading south after the Stratford meet in May, not sure where yet, the sat nav is looking at places now Want to go via the cheddar gorge, anyone know of any good places to stop there for a night or two?

Cable TV Hook-Up

I am new at this so be gentle. I can get a beatiful signal in both my tv's from the roof antenna, but when I hook up to cable at a park I don't see anything. What am I doing wrong?

Dish Tailgator satelite system

I was thinking about getting the Dish Tailgater sat system in place of the tripod/receiver system. We have Dish network at home now and it's a pretty simple setup to add a month to your existing account. Just wondering if anyone else has this setup and ho

Cable Hook Up

OK I have seen the diagrams for park cable hook up but I am batting ZERO....... I have a 31 QBSB which I think is less important than knowing that I have an Oleava TV with a concertone system. I hook up to the drivers side cable and then go to the TV

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